Speed Gate Testing

We now offer speed gate testing to use as a test for assessing a wide range of sporting activities. This can be used to work out start to a particular distance (for reaction / drive phase or pure speed). For a quote to add this to an existing session or to organise a group session (and cost per athlete/player) please contact us.

This is important for providing benchmark information for various activities including sprinting, jumping, rugby, football, tennis, badminton, hockey plus many other sports.

Some of the more popular activities include:

  • 0-10m
  • 0-20m
  • 0-30m
  • 30m speed – flying 30m (start build up for 20m, times over next 30m)
  • Start – first hurdle
  • Time between hurdles



We will start to put ranking lists here so athletes can compare their times with other groups and individuals.

0-10M MEN

1.61Ross StephensonTaunton AC1641153
1.63Jack WebberExeter Harriers41365
1.65Alec CrowterExeter Harriers41122
1.65Brett HarrisonYeovil O41365
1.66GeorgeExeter Harriers41122
1.67Harry YoellSouth Dartmoor CC
1.69Harry HallTaunton AC1641153
1.7Sam TalbotExeter Harriers41365
1.71Tom HooperSouth Dartmoor CC
1.72Callum FreemanSouth Dartmoor CC
1.73GeorgeExeter Harriers41122
1.73James DExeter Harriers41122
1.73Jake JohnTaunton AC1641153
1.73Harry ChinnTaunton AC1541153
1.77Josh BristowTaunton AC2141153
1.77Ben ThompsonTaunton AC2041153
1.78ScottStoke Hill FCover 1841183
1.79WillExe Rugby Group41122
1.81Jack ChurchillExeter Harriers41365
1.83OscarExe Rugby Group41122
1.83Ben HollandTaunton AC1341153
1.87Peters DadStoke Hill FCover 1841183
1.93EthanExe Rugby Group41122
1.93Sam ChinnTaunton AC1441153
1.93BradleyStoke Hill FC41183
1.96ChristianStoke Hill FC41183
1.97RoryExe Rugby Group41122
1.97AdamStoke Hill FC41183
1.98EthanStoke Hill FC41183
1.98Seb FordNewton Abbot AC41365
1.99GabrielExe Rugby Group41122
1.99NickExe Rugby Group41122
1.99PeterStoke Hill FC41183
1.99John-MorganStoke Hill FC41183
2MattTaunton Startrack41122
2.01SteveStoke Hill FCover 1841183
2.03RyanExe Rugby Group41122
2.04Tom MTaunton Startrack41122
2.04LeoTaunton Startrack41122
2.05JacobExe Rugby Group41122
2.05TylerStoke Hill FC41183
2.05Christian's dadStoke Hill FCover 1841183
2.06AdsStoke Hill FC41183
2.07Devon Th-SmithExeter Harriers41365
2.09OliverExe Rugby Group41122
2.1DanielTaunton Startrack41122
2.1TimmonStoke Hill FC41183
2.11OggyStoke Hill FC41183
2.12FinlayExe Rugby Group41122
2.15TheoTaunton Startrack41122
2.15JaymeTaunton Startrack41122
2.15Edward SpurwayEaster activities41365
2.16AlexTaunton Startrack41122
2.17Harry PTaunton Startrack41122
2.18Josh TrExe Rugby Group41122
2.21JonathonTaunton Startrack41122
2.21RaviTaunton Startrack41122
2.21JoshTaunton Startrack41122
2.21EthanTaunton Startrack41122
2.22CallumTaunton Startrack41122
2.23JoshialTaunton Startrack41122
2.27OllieTaunton Startrack41122
2.31Tom HTaunton Startrack41122
2.31ReaganStoke Hill FC41183
2.34Hamish BellEaster activities41365
2.35RohenTaunton Startrack41122
2.39JosephTaunton Startrack41122
2.46MattTaunton Startrack41122
2.51JoshTaunton Startrack41122
2.67OliverTaunton Startrack41122
2.68EthanTaunton Startrack41122
2.79Julian ReesEaster activities5
2.85HenryExeter Ability Club12


TimeNameClub/ groupAgeDate
1.77LaurenExeter Harriers1841122
1.81Becca JonesExeter Uni/Harriers2041122
1.86Sara GambierTaunton AC1641153
1.87Beth LincolnTaunton AC1441153
1.89EmilyTaunton AC41122
1.89Miranda HardacreExeter Harriers41365
1.9Cerys LeeTaunton AC41365
1.91Tilly HealTaunton AC1541153
1.93Aimee DaveyTaunton AC1341153
1.96Keany KnightonSouth Dartmoor CC
1.96Megan PenfoldTaunton AC1341153
1.97Lucy HawtinSouth Dartmoor CC
2.05Eleri BrownTaunton AC41365
2.07Amelia VanceExe Rugby Group/Taunton AC41122
2.12EleriTaunton AC1141122
2.13Charlotte SpurwayEaster activities41365
2.14JessTaunton Startrack41122
2.16MayaTaunton Startrack41122
2.21TillyTaunton Startrack41122
2.28Ianthe Belleaster activities41365
2.36Katie DTaunton Startrack41122
2.43FreyaTaunton Startrack41122
2.55IslaTaunton Startrack41122
2.66ImogenTaunton Startrack41122
3.69Emma ReesEaster activities41365


Men /Boys





2.63Usain Bolt
2.63Asafa Powell
3.72Harry Yeoell South Dartmoor CC14


2.13Nathan Higgins PlymouthUnder 20 men
2.16Dave KingPlymouthUnder 20 men

More data to be included soon!