Sportshall Athletics

Anyone aged 4-14 is welcome to come and have a go a range of activities including speed jumps, turbo javelins, sparkly shot puts, nerf howlers and racing hurdles. No experience is necessary – just come along and join in the fun.

Children receive instruction from fully qualified staff who get them involved in mini competitions with the opportunity to get award badges and certificates at the end.

A new and regular part of Sportshall will include the Medball Challenge. This is where children get to throw ball of various weights, depending on their age, the distance thrown is logged and the results are recorded for a national league. All activities are also fully inclusive for any ability and equipment is brightly coloured and specially adapted.

2016-17 Exeter Sporthall Events

open to any child aged 4-11 come and have a go dates are

9am-10.30am Sat 8th Oct
10am-11.30am Sun 6th Nov
9am-10.30am Sat 3rd Dec
10am-11.30am Sat 21st Jan
10am-11.30am Sun12th Feb

All held at Riverside Leisure Centre, Exeter and cost is @5 per child per session if paid online and in advnce and £7 if paid on the day
The results from the Exeter Sportshall event that took place on 8th February 2015 can be seen HERE


Sportshall is an ideal activity for community events. The lively and fun format where people can take part in many different activities on the same day keeps interest levels and activity levels high. To find out how your school, business, community group or event can benefit from Sportshall, please call us on 07745 616852 or


Sportshall Athletics was created by George Bunner of Sportshall Associates over 30 years ago and now has activities all over the UK and the world.
We are organising  various activities and events for schools, clubs and organisations and if you would like to know more please email us: